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Qualified Charitable Distribution

IRA Charitable Rollover

If you're 70 1/2 or older, making a qualified charitable distribution is a win-win for you and WMU. A QCD is a direct gift from an IRA to an eligible charity like the Western Michigan University Foundation. This giving strategy not only benefits current and future Broncos, but also offers you tax advantages.

About Bequests

Plan Your Will

A bequest is one of the most popular and flexible ways you can ensure peace of mind for yourself and your loved ones, as well as support a cause that's close to your heart. Giving to WMU through a will or bequest costs you nothing now, yet it makes a powerful difference for our students for years to come.

Charitable Gift Annuities

About Bequests

A charitable gift annuity (CGA) can provide you with stable, regular income (regardless of the economy) and help the University continue to thrive. With a CGA, you make a donation to WMU using cash, marketable securities or other assets, and we pay you a fixed amount for life.

Beneficiary Designations

Beneficiary Designations

Donating part or all of your unused retirement assets, such as your IRA, 401(k), 403(b), pension, or other tax-deferred plan, is an excellent way to make a gift to Western Michigan University Foundation.

Estate Planning Guide

About Bequests

Ready to plan your will or trust? A well-crafted estate plan can protect you during your lifetime, provide comfort for those you care about, and ensure your assets are passed on to your loved ones and your favorite causes. To help you get started, we'd like to send you our free Estate Planning Guide.